Quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.

The Artist

As an artist, Jeff Bjorck believes music in its purest form is sometimes the closest thing to art. Not surprisingly, his solo acoustic piano compositions paint a gallery of musical images suitable for framing. These original works interweave delicacy with intensity, combine musical notes with the space between them, and create moving pictures that move the emotions. Dr. Bjorck is somewhat of an expert on emotions. As a clinical psychologist, researcher, and professor at Fuller Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology, his multifaceted vocation typifies his ongoing passion for a Renaissance man’s approach to life.

Jeff’s nontraditional method of composition has remained basically the same during the past forty years. He sits at the piano, plays spontaneously from the heart, and stops to develop any musical themes that surprise him. He confesses, “Sometimes I feel like a third party, listening to the whole process as an interested observer!”

To Jeff, nature embodies God’s ultimate artistic creativity, and it is frequently the subject of his portraits. Born to two artists, he began creating music when he was ten years old. In addition to original compositions, Jeff includes original arrangements of traditional hymns on his CDs. He remarks, “My faith and relationship with Jesus Christ provide vision and give my life its meaning. My creativity merely imitates the Creator.”

He describes his compositions as “quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.” Listeners apparently agree. His music has provided reassuring focus for mothers in delivery, peaceful rest when insomnia comes knocking, and elegant ambiance at intimate wedding receptions and dinner parties. Jeff’s music has also provided calming care to thousands of hospitalized children across the country. A CD containing eight of his most relaxing compositions was included in 75,000 Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kits distributed by Guideposts Outreach. He remarks, “It is my hope that I can bring all my listeners emotional music with a classical feel that lifts them from the rat race and gently sets them down in a restful place, as far away from everyday chaos as possible.”

Jeff currently has five CDs available, all produced on his independent Pure Piano Music label (BMI). When not working or enjoying time with his wife, Sharon, Jeff occasionally likes scaring their two cats with his clarinet renditions of ’30s and ’40s big band tunes. He also loves to seek creative inspiration for new music by hang gliding high above the mountains of Southern California.