Quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.


Keepsakes in the Attic

“Bjorck’s concept for the album is…the perfect framework for [his]…melodic structures and the range of emotions they express….This is his best and most personal album yet. Very highly recommended!” ~~Kathy Parsons of Mainlypiano.com

“‘Keepsakes in the Attic’ is a warm-hearted musical journey that I greatly enjoyed taking. I particularly appreciated the wide range of emotions portrayed within its beautiful melodies. Jeff Bjorck is a talented and expressive pianist with a particular gift for sharing evocative stories in song.”  ~~Michael Diamond of Michaeldiamondmusic.com

“Here dear seekers of musical magnificence, is an album that will leave you feeling good at every corner.” ~~Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio

“The music of Jeff Bjorck is deeply emotional. It touches the soul very strongly and you cannot tear yourself away from these inspirational tunes….This music wakes up the imagination and it is very sensual also. Without a doubt you will want to listen to the album “Keepsakes in the Attic” time and again.” ~~Serge Kozlovsky, from Minsk, Belarus of Sergekozlovsky.com

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The Wondrous Gift: A Pure Piano Christmas

“…Bjorck’s ability to never lose the essence of a song, but at the same time infuse it with a renewed meaning and arrangements fresh and fragrant as a live Christmas tree, makes this a cherished keeper.” ~~Worship Leader Magazine

“…Bjorck’s performance…is at once contemplative, innovative in interpretation, sound in technique, and just plain beautiful. Bjorck has concentrated since 1997 on producing solo piano recordings, and with “The Wondrous Gift,” he has given piano lovers a Christmas gift of his own.” ~~Rick Sharp, The Alabama Baptist

“….Jeff Bjorck has been one of my favorite artists since his debut thirteen years ago, and The Wondrous Gift will be a favorite Christmas album for many years to come. Very highly recommended!~~Kathy Parsons, Mainlypiano.com

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This I Know: Ageless Hymns of Faith

“The dancing, Vince Guaraldi-like stride Jeff Bjorck gently grafts onto Come Thou Font of Every Blessing evokes the sonic equivalent of sunrise in an unspoiled, dew-laden meadow. The rest of this CD…–dedicates itself to faith hymns with a similar spirit of artistry and reverence.”~~Lou Carlozo, Christian Century Magazine

“…This I Know: Ageless Hymns of Faith is a wonderful recording for anyone who loves the classic hymns, but will also be a joy for anyone who loves deeply-felt piano solos. A rich and satisfying experience awaits the listener….Very highly recommended!~~Kathy Parsons, Mainlypiano.com

“…Bjorck is a devout Christian, of that there is absolutely no doubt. However, take it from me, an avowed agnostic and fallen-away Catholic; enjoyment of this CD is not restricted to those for whom these hymns hold spiritual significance.” ~~Bill Binkelman, New Age Reporter

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Impressions in Black and White

“Jeff Bjorck’s Impressions in Black and White provides wonderful mental release and has greatly warmed the seas of morning radio. His  compositions reflect emotional depth and evoke colorful images of beauty and peace.” ~~Misha, New Age Director 90FM WWSP  

“Fans of pianists such as George Winston and Liz Story will find plenty to like here, though Bjorck’s instrumental compositions and playing reflect a vibrancy and radiance that set him apart. ~~Louis R. Carlozo, Christian Century Magazine

“Jeff Bjorck’s touch on the keys and songwriting skills show such  love and heart, listening to his music is like falling in love again!” ~~Renee Gelpi, Galaxie CBC Digital Radio Network

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Pure Piano Panoramas

“Jeff Bjorck has crafted an excellent follow-up to his 1999 debut, Pure Piano Portraits. The 11 tracks of solo piano…are similar to some of George Winston’s earlier work, a la December, but Bjorck’s music is more contemplative… ~~Matt Borghi, Massage Magazine 

“There are, albeit few and far between, those discs that are rare gems which actually portray the resonant soul of both the piano and the artist. The jewel case for Pure Piano Panoramas is one such release containing that elusive rare pearl of real piano music.”~~Bear, radio host of The New Age Sampler 

“Jeff Bjorck’s follow-up to his debut, Pure Piano Portraits, is stunning…As a piano teacher who listens to solo piano for a living, it takes something very special to knock me out, and this is it!…I give Panoramas my highest recommendation! ~Kathy Parsons, Mainlypiano.com

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Pure Piano Portraits

“Each track on this album by Dr. Jeff Bjorck is a soundscape that takes you away to that place in your mind where you feel safe and protected…This album is full of powerful emotions and sensitive moments that reach out, touch the heart, and grab the soul. ~~ Dave Butler, host of InnerVisions, WHBN 

“Jeff’s CD is a perfect fit for KASU’s programs of ‘contemporary instrumental’ music. The melodies are appealing, relaxing and very enjoyable. I’m glad we can share this music with KASU’s listeners!”~~Marty Scarbrough, program director, KASU 91.9 FM

“Each of the twelve pieces is a soothing breath of fresh air….A gentle serenity is present in each…as is a sense of optimism and moving forward… Simple, heartfelt melodies with a classical feel give the CD a very calm, pensive mood throughout….This is a very fine piano album, and I strongly recommend it!”~~ Kathy Parsons, Mainlypiano.com

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