Quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.

Pure Piano Portraits – Reviews

“Jeff Bjorck’s compositions are elegant and emotionally moving. The classical flavor of these contemporary pieces makes them well suited to our listeners’ tastes. We are glad to include Pure Piano Portraits in our playlists.”
~~Bob Wennersten, Program Director for KMZRT 105.1 FM, Los Angeles~~

“Bjorck has developed an approach…with just the right balance of ornamentation and serene space. These original songs interweave fragility with fervor. The subtle use of tension and relaxation of the harmonic progressions give the recording fluid movement and direction. This free-flowing music creates an excellent ambiance for receiving a massage.”
~~M. Jeffrey Schmidt: MASSAGE MAGAZINE~~

“Upon first hearing PURE PIANO PORTRAITS, I found myself an instant fan. I listened three times to the full CD in one day, including during a dinner party where it set the perfect tone.
~~David Gardner, Author and Co-Founder of The Motley Fool web site~~

“Pure Piano Portraits is just that! Each track on this album by Dr. Jeff Bjorck is a soundscape that takes you away to that place in your mind where you feel safe and protected…This album is full of powerful emotions and sensitive moments that reach out, touch the heart, and grab the soul. We at Innervisions are very glad to include Pure Piano Portraits in our programming!”
~~ Dave Butler, radio host of InnerVisions 1420 WHBN ~~

“This CD is extraordinary. We bought it for our wedding reception as an accompaniment of a slide show of various stages of our lives, to be played before our introduction. This music captures you emotionally and draws you into the ride. It is perfect! I can’t say enough about this up-lifting emotional album.”
~~Troy Puccia, Bethpage NY~~

“This music is GREAT! Really quite incredible. I enjoy every piece, but tracks 7, 9, and 10 really stand out from the very first play. As someone with a substantive collection of classical piano music, I view PURE PIANO PORTRAITS as a welcome addition. This CD is ideal after a long day. Kick back, relax…and listen!”
~Jeff Fischer, Author and Co-founder for Complete Growth Investor.com

“Jeff Bjorck’s Pure Piano Portraits is one of those rare instrumental creations that captures more emotion and conveys more vivid imagery than any number of lyrically based popular albums on the market today….Bjorck has created something very special with Pure Piano Portraits—a musical statement that can touch a wide variety of people on a wide variety of emotional and reflective levels. Listening to it is much like embarking on a journey—albeit one that begins and ends in your heart and soul. Grab Pure Piano Portraits for yourself, and you’ll soon be on your way…” [Mr. Urbanski is a friend of Jeff Bjorck, but his review-writing skills could not be passed up, and he promised to be objective!]
~~Dave Urbanski, Product Development Director of Youth Specialties~~

“Each of the twelve pieces [on this CD] is a soothing breath of fresh air….A gentle serenity is present in each of the pieces, as is a sense of optimism and moving forward… Simple, heartfelt melodies with a classical feel give the CD a very calm, pensive mood throughout….This is a very fine piano album, and I strongly recommend it!”
~~ Kathy Parsons, writer for Solo Piano Publications website~~

“I have enjoyed Pure Piano Portraits immensely! It is a welcome addition to my program and made the Top 20 playlist for May, 1999.”
~~Doug McCorkle, host of Sunday Morning Cafe radio program, WVKR 91.3FM ~~

“My personal favorite Pure Piano Portraits tracks are Mountain Echoes and Twilight. They both have the “air” around the instruments voice that I personally value so much. They “breathe” and transport the listener effortlessly to another place. Jeff’s CD is a very a welcome addition to NAS.”
~~BEAR, host of New Age Sampler radio program, 90FM WWSP~~

“Jeff’s CD is a perfect fit for KASU’s programs of ‘contemporary instrumental’ music. The melodies are appealing, relaxing and very enjoyable. I’m glad we can share this music with KASU’s listeners!”
~~Marty Scarbrough, program director for KASU 91.9 FM ~~

“Jeff Bjorck’s music strikes a resonant chord deep within the soul. In a harried world of cookie cutter music, it is uniquely refreshing to put on a CD with the warmth and depth that Jeff delivers. For those looking to relax and escape the never ending spiral of everyday life, this disc is highly recommended. Two thumbs up!”
~~Bill Pearson, Composer-Producer for Mindseye Productions~~

“Jeff Bjorck’s music is very relaxing and definitely worth hearing, which is why Pure Piano Portraits made my top 20 for March of 1999.”
~~Tani Chen, host of Dreams of a New Age radio program, 88.1FM WMBR~~

“Pure Piano Portraits made the delivery room a truly relaxing place for me as we welcomed our new baby into the world! Since then, it has provided the perfect nap time lullabies for our little girl.”
~~Jennifer Davis, Pasadena, CA~~

“Pure Piano Portraits will be heard regularly on our radio series. It is a fine collection of original keyboard pieces.”
~~Rod Tijerina, editor of AcoustiCDigest/Radio Productions~~

“This is very good stuff, of the caliber of George Winston, Danny Wright, David Lanz, and Jim Brickman…”
~~Hershel Chicowitz, host of the Baby Boomers Headquarters web site~~

“Jeff Bjorck’s piano is a magic! It goes directly into your body and mind.”
~~Shlomo Israel, radio producer for IBA (Israel Broadcating Authority) and teacher at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel~~

“I find this music soothing to the soul–on first listening, it appears to be a cross between Debussy and new age music.”
~~Dr. Myra O. Smith, Neuroscience Program Chair at Colgate Univerisity ~~

“PIANO PORTRAITS features graceful, original themes on solo acoustic piano that flow gently with poignant reflection and warm romance to touch the heart and move the emotions.”
~~Gene Ort, President and Founder of Gene Michael Productions~~