Quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.

Impressions in Black and White – Reviews

“With Impressions in Black and White, Jeff Bjorck has created some very beautiful melodies that blend in perfectly with our play lists!~~Phil, Casale & Paras, GentleSounds Internet Radio

“Jeff Bjorck’s Impressions in Black and White provides wonderful mental release and has greatly warmed the seas of morning radio. His compositions reflect emotional depth and evoke colorful images of beauty and peace.” ~~Misha, New Age Director 90FM WWSP
“This is the third “Pure Piano” album from pianist Jeff Bjorck and it displays the artist’s ability to infuse his music, whether original compositions or his rendition of two hymns (serving as the opening and closing numbers), with depth of feeling and technical virtuosity….Taken as a whole, Impressions in Black and White is a worthy addition to any solo piano music lover’s collection.”
~~Bill Binkleman, Host/Producer, Wind and Wire, KFAI-FM, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

“For anyone who loves the piano, Jeff does it right. He masterfully performs his original arrangements in a professional manner.” ~~LeRoy Zent, Instru-mentality, KGPR Public Radio , Great Falls, MT

“Jeff Bjorck’s latest effort, Impressions in Black and White, is a very welcome addition to my programs. In a vast array of piano CDs, Bjorck’s work truly stands out as fresh and emotionally evocative!” (#1 CD for June, 2005) ~~Joan Richarde, Host/Producer, OASIS and SOJOURN, Montana Public Radio.

“Fans of pianists such as George Winston and Liz Story will find plenty to like here, though Bjorck’s instrumental compositions and playing reflect a vibrancy and radiance that set him apart. The album is marked by a meditative quality, as on Feather’s Flight, a composition weaved around a hypnotic eight-note bass pattern. On Campfire Remembrance, major- and minor-key turns create a compelling tension, until the final notes dissipate like dying embers.” ~~Louis R. Carlozo, Christian Century Magazine, June 14, 2005 Vol. 122, No. 12

“[On Impressions in Black and White,] Jeff Bjorck plays lovely piano that evokes warm memories from days gone by.” ~~Marius-Christian Burcea, Producer/Host “Journeys to the Infinite,” Delta RFI, Bucharest, Romania

“Jeff Bjorck’s touch on the keys and songwriting skills show such love and heart, listening to his music is like falling in love again!” ~~Renee Gelpi, Galaxie CBC Digital Radio Network

“Jeff Bjorck is definitely out of the Mainstream…and that’s good! For those who crave peace and contemplation in a frenetic world, I couldn’t think of a better place to begin…[than Impressions in Black and White]” ~~Capt. Christopher, Cheezmuzik Director, WTUL Radio, New Orleans

“Jeff Bjorck’s Impressions in Black and White is pure chill-out piano. It provides my listeners with a deep, peaceful and refreshing breath!” ~~Mark “Flying Man” Caldwell, WAWL radio 91.5FM, Chatanooga, TN

“Impressions in Black and White is…a mostly peaceful solo piano album, with a few more upbeat and energetic pieces that allow us to see another side of Bjorck’s musical personality….[This] is one of those albums that gets better the more you listen to it – I like that kind of complexity! There is always something new each time you hear it. Recommended!” ~~Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications~~