Quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.

Pure Piano Panoramas – Reviews

“Jeff Bjorck has crafted an excellent follow-up to his 1999 debut, Pure Piano Portraits. The 11 tracks of solo piano…are similar to some of George Winston’s earlier work, a la December, but Bjorck’s music is more contemplative… This is a fine disc for massage sessions, as it never becomes too loud, and always maintains its relaxing pace.”
~~Matt Borghi, reviewer for Massage Magazine (May/June 2002)~~

“Once upon a time I held to the belief that the vast majority of solo piano recordings were, for the most part, self-indulgent works wherein the artist merely plays the piano. Yet there are, albeit few and far between, those discs that are rare gems which actually portray the resonant soul of both the piano and the artist. The jewel case for Pure Piano Panoramas is one such release containing that elusive rare pearl of real piano music.”
~~Bear, radio host of The New Age Sampler ~~

“A stunningly beautiful musical collection. “Pure Piano Panoramas” is, in turn, lyrical, soothing, joyous and inspiring. Jeff Bjorck is an accomplished composer with a huge emotional and stylistic range. The whole CD is a joy to experience! Among my favourite tracks are “Soaring Mesa Cliffs” during which I can imagine flying over the desert and “Desert Cloudburst” which portrays such energy but at the same time, beauty and peace…. I look forward to his next recording!”
~~An Amazon.com music fan from Adelaide, South Australia~~

“Jeff’s CD Pure Piano Panoramas is perfect music for relaxation, full of soothing and beautiful melodies. I highly recommend it and find it comparable to George Winston’s music. It has been in HEAVY rotation here at KASU.”
~~Marty Scarbrough, program director for KASU 91.9 FM ~~

“Pure Piano Panoramas by pianist/composer Jeff Bjorck is a landscape of emotion…[This] is a quality recording with beautiful photography by Jeff. I recommend this CD without hesitation and have proudly given it as a gift to my dear friends. This is truly ‘quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.’ This is music touched by hands of heaven.”
~Zola Van, Pianist/Composer: Really Big Shoes Publishing Co. Herrin, Illinois ~

“We purchased Pure Piano Portraits and Pure Piano Panoramas so that we could have beautiful background music during our wedding reception. We wanted music that would give the mood of joy and happiness, with a sense of calmness. Jeff Bjorck’s Pure Piano CD’s fit the bill perfectly and will be enjoyed by many, not only at our wedding reception, but for many years to come.”
~James and Erica Lancaster, Norman, OK~

“[Pure Piano Panoramas] is a lovely concert of piano music for the soul….This composer has found his own voice and it is a good one….I only wonder why Amazon.com chooses to put this in the Popular section when it obviously belongs with the Classical.”
~Frank Behrens, Top 10 Reviewer at AMAZON.COM from Keene, NH ~

“[Pure Piano Panoramas is] genuine art. Jeff’s second released CD is excellent. His first was wonderful, and this new one takes his art a clear step further….much of it sounds like emotion poured straight into the piano; very compelling music is what results….This is one of my favorite piano recordings in a sizable collection. It truly stands out. Finally, it can be as relaxing as it is compelling.”
~Jeff Fischer, Author and Co-founder for Complete Growth Investor.com.

“This album is indeed ‘quiet music to calm the heart in a noisy world.’ In the spirit of David Lanz, George Winston, and Jim Brickman, Jeff has put emotion to music. You can painstakingly analyze each cut….or you can just let the music play. This is all refreshingly original music; you won’t find it anywhere else…Before you shell out a hundred bucks an hour for a shrink, turn out the lights, sit back, and put Pure Piano Panoramas on….It is just what the doctor ordered… to calm the heart.”
~ Hershel M. Chicowitz, Host of Baby Boomers Headquarters (BBHQ.COM), Tampa, Florida ~

“Jeff Bjorck’s follow-up to his debut, Pure Piano Portraits, is stunning….The earlier Portraits is an excellent album, but the artistic growth and emotional depth in Panoramas are amazing! A clinical psychologist, researcher, and professor at a theological seminary in southern California, Jeff’s understanding of the human psyche as well as his own deeply spiritual nature come through with a bold confidence and assurance that is lacking in a lot of so-called new age piano recordings….As a piano teacher who listens to solo piano for a living, it takes something very special to knock me out, and this is it! One of my favorite albums for the year 2000, it will continue to be a favorite for years to come. I give Panoramas my highest recommendation!
~Kathy Parsons, Reviewer for SoloPianoPublications.com ~