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PURE PIANO Links (Sites featuring Pure Piano Music)

Whisperings Solo Piano Radio  ~ Listen 24/7 to Jeff Bjorck, David Lanz, David Nevue, MANY others!

Sky.fm ~ Listen 24/7 to an array of pianists past and present, from Jeff Bjorck to Oscar Peterson!

Enlightened Piano ~ Another great 24/7 station featuring pianists you love, including Jeff Bjorck!



Neil Patton: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Suzanne Ciani: Pioneering pianist/composer in electronic and acoustic realms

Steven Cravis: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Donovan Johnson: Pianst/Composer/Educator

David Nevue: Host of Whisperings and fellow pianist/composer

Michael Dulin: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Scott Davis: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Jennifer Haines: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

 Timothy Davey: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Karen Fitzgerald: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

David Lanz: the original “Heavy Mellow” New Age Pianist/Composer

Laura Sullivan: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Greg Maroney: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer 

Keith Martinson: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

Craig Urquhart: Fellow Whisperings pianist/composer

More Pianists

Brian Kelly: Pianist/composer, with award-winning instrumental piano CD “Tomorrow’s Daydream”

William Linton: Featuring Emerald Castle Music’s “music for reflective moments”

The O’Neill Brothers: Over 1,000,000 relaxing piano CDs sold!

John Schmidt: New age pianist/composer offering sheet music, CDs, instruction tips, and more!

Piano Resources

MainlyPiano.com: Kathy Parsons’ Reviews, Online Piano Lessons, and much more!

Play New Age Piano NOW: Create your own beautiful piano music using chords. Free piano lesson!

Paregal Pianos: UK Piano Dealer, Wholesaler, Rentals, Re-polishing, and more

 Piano Accessories: Highest quality piano supplies for North Americans

Other Music Resources

Music Law Resource Guide from Hofstra Law School

Legal Match: Great Resource on the basics of music law

Beethoven Page: All you ever wanted to know!

OktavaMod: AMAZING affordable boutique microphones for your professional recording needs

Jamie Bonk: Original instrumental guitarist extraordinaire!

Music for a New Age: Comprehensive Informational Site

AcousticCDdigest: Music gateway

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