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New CD RELEASE: Keepsakes in The Attic

Posted on December 31st, 2015

Jeff Bjorck is happy to announce the upcoming February 5 release of his new CD, Keepsakes in The Attic, with digital pre-orders at iTunes and Amazon.com starting January 8.

On this sixth solo piano CD, Bjorck musically portrays his nostalgic reminiscences, beckoning you back to simpler times, with heartfelt melodies that will evoke your own sentimental memories. Recommended as a welcome escape from current chaos.

After focusing on arrangements of classic hymns and Christmas carols for his past two CDs, Jeff Bjorck has returned to his own musical palette. And this time, his original compositions are all deeply steeped in nostalgia and his love of yesteryear. The title of his sixth CD, Keepsakes in the Attic, is fitting. “Imagine spending an afternoon in a cluttered old attic, rummaging through various keepsakes belonging to you or your loved ones,” he explains. “As you lift each one from its fragile wrappings, a flood of emotions floats up and fills the room with vibrant memories, drawing you back to those earlier times and places.”

His song titles poignantly suggest encounters with beloved memorabilia such as Grandad’s rocker, Nana’s music box, and Mother’s hymnal. “Some of these pieces, like ‘Justine of County Clare,’ are particularly sentimental for me,” Bjorck remarks, noting that his grandmother, Justine Avita Mitchell, grew up in County Clare, Ireland, but died two years before he was born. “I never met her, but my mother told me stories about her mother’s life before moving to America,” he explains. “I grew up wishing I had known her.” Another personal title for Jeff is “Playing Catch with Dad,” a musical reflection of the times he tossed a baseball with his father in the street in front of their home. He remembers this as one of his favorite boyhood activities. In addition to his 12 original tunes, Bjorck presents his own arrangement of an old Swedish hymn that also reminds him of his early years.

For every selection on Keepsakes in the Attic, Bjorck taps into his love for iconic, turn-of-the-20th-century melodic structures, providing evocative, ardent strains that range from joyful to bittersweet. Jeff comments, “I truly hope this CD will create a heartfelt, musical space for my listeners, where they can reminisce about special times in their own lives.”
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