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Spring 2013

Posted on May 11th, 2013

I hope that the spring finds you doing well! This issue has a lot of great news. Enjoy!

But first…


Congratulations go to  Terry Kelly of Kentucky, USA, who is our CD winner for this issue. Please use the “Contact” link at purepiano.com and send your name and mailing address, together with your choice for a free CD!
Congratulations also go to Rick Paulus of Indiana, USA, who is our sheet music winner. Please also use the “Contact” link and send your choice for a free sheet music selection!

As always, EVERYONE wins with the new free download. This month’s selection is “Walking With Tevye” from the CD Impressions in Black and White.   Click here and enjoy [links available only to subscribers].
Please remember that this download should not be copied or forwarded to anyone else. It is only for your individual use. Thanks!NEW VIDEO
Finally, my long-awaited new music video is ready for your enjoyment. When I composed the piece, “Starlight Ragtime Waltz,” I was inspired by the legions of stars that seem to sweep ever-so-slowly across the night sky in a majestic, beautiful dance. I used images of the universe publicly available at http://hubblesite.org, and I hope you enjoy the result. Please take advantage of high-definition and full-screen for best viewing! If you do enjoy it, would you please click the thumbs-up and share it with your friends? You will find it here. Thank you!NEW E-SONGBOOK COMING!

I am encouraged to see that my e-songbook (click here) for This I Know: Ageless Hymns of Faith (available at 50% off individual pricing) is being very well received. Here is a thorough review by Kathy Parsons. Ordering this songbook instantly provides you with links to all 15 pdf files for you to print at home. Of course, if you already have many of these, you may still purchase those you do not yet own as individual files. Enjoy!

Also keep on the watch for a new e-songbook of all 12 of my Christmas carol arrangements as they are played on The Wondrous Gift: A Pure Piano Christmas.  With enough interest, I will consider taking pre-orders at extra savings. If you are interested, let me know!Plus, remember that whenever you order four sheet music titles at one time, you automatically get one free at checkout.NEW CD UPDATE

Composition work for my new CD is moving forward, with a return to an emphasis on my own original compositions, although I will likely keep my tradition of including two hymns as bookends.  I hope to begin recording this summer. Stay tuned!

Many of you have read my story about Ryan, the little boy who bravely fought leukemia from the time he was 22 months old until he was about 6. Well, the wonderful news is that Ryan is doing GREAT, and he will be eight years old in May.

His mother gave me permission to post this picture. I met Ryan through my involvement with Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kits, a wonderful outreach program supported by donations.

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With appreciation,
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